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Digital ASP 26/11-20 17:30

Kvällen börjar med info kring vilka Caster är och vad vi gör via Zoom och Discord. Efter det är tanken att vi kör digital “race night” i Raceroom via Discord. För att vara med är det bra att redan innan ha laddad ner RaceRoom från Steam(gratis). Det fungerar bra att vara med även utan ratt eller kontroll. Mer info med Zoomlänk, Discordserver och hur man ansluter till RaceRoom-multiplayer kommer närmare ASPen.

Meet Caster’s Board

Caster is growing!

Since 2015 we have successively built up a new association with ambitions to develop the education and the qualifications for graduated engineers! With the possibility to apply knowledge and challenge through project founded in ones interests is the ambition that Caster should be a place for everyone. Today the organization revolves around a driving simulator but it is not the interest for cars that unites us, it is our desire to be challenged and develop together.

Do you think it sounds exciting?

On Thursday the 1st of February 18.00 we welcome you to get to know us and see where your interests may grow and develop Caster. We are looking forward to seeing you!

If you are interested in how we recruit new members or if you want to apply click here to read more and to get to the application form.