At Chalmers, we strive to educate engineers with great understanding of technology.
Based at the Mechanical Engineering Programme, Caster aim to find ways in which we can develop this vision.
We believe that the best engineers are the ones who understand the practical applications of the theory taught in class.
Therefore, we continuously work to find ways in which we can combine the two in the most exciting way possible.

In our facility, you’ll find a lounge where upcoming engineers can meet and share ideas.
You’ll also find a number of computers which can be used for technical development or course work.
However, maybe most notable, we also have a driving simulator.
By using this machine, we allow students to become users of their design, linking engineering to the customer experience.
You’ll encounter it in a variety of course assignments, theses or simply as part of one of our spare time projects.
Come by and visit, go for a test drive and maybe, you’ll be the next recruit we’re looking for!