Board of Caster

Caster board consist of a strategy team, an operative team and also trainees, that are people who is interested of joining the board that tries out how it is to be a part of the board. As it sounds the strategy team work with strategic questions and coordinates the strategic work surrounding caster, while the operative team works with different activities to develop and advance the simulator.

Strategy team

Coordinate all collaborations with the education at Chalmers.

    Alvin Combrink Education Coordinator

    Coordinate our technical work

      Christian Svensson Technical Coordinator

      Making sure our social medias is filled with content and that we occasionally have events for both members and non members.

        Johannes Gustavsson Event and social media coordinator

        Coordinating the members and keeping Caster facilities nice and tidy

          Oskar Hellsten Members coordinator

          Organize and lead the caster board forward.

            Frida Nordlund Project Manager

            Content deveopment team

            Vehicle dynamic with focus on tire dynamics

              Eric Gunnarsson Vehicle dynamisist

              Software development team

              Developing software solutions

                Hampus Söderqvist Software Developer

                Developing software solutions

                  Jonas Johnsson Software Developer


                  Here will the Trainees of Caster be presented.


                  Worked during his time at Caster with development of course material, building and improvment of the facility.

                    Johan Lindqvist VEHICLE DYNAMISIST

                    Working with physics model of cars in the internal vehicle model

                      Kristofer Arvidsson Vehicle dynamisist

                      Coordinated all collaborations with courses at Chalmers

                        Tove Jensen Education coordinator

                        Leading the members and the organisation of caster forward

                          Jon Jaleby Project Manager

                          Coordinate our technical work

                            Richard Löfwenberg Technical Coordinator