Casters involvement in the course Vehicle Dynamics is to bridge the complex theory on which design choices are made with the very real impacts of those choices.

The lab session consists of several different exercises on a test track, with discussions and preparations in between. The exercises carried out resemble real life tests that are known in the trade as steady state cornering on a skid pad and over speeding into corners, which are done with varying weight distributions and brake biases. At the end of the session the students also drive the high fidelity model of a Porsche Cayman to see what the simulator is capable of and to get a comparison between it and their own simplified models.

The driving sessions offer the students a golden opportunity to test their models in real time while at the same time gaining experience with “on-limit driving”. As such, the sessions have been greatly appreciated and many students tell us that it really helped them understand vehicle dynamics, something that we are immensely proud of!


Use the calendar below to book your lab sessions for the Caster lab in Vehicle Dynamics.

Please note that only one person from each group should book the sessions.


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