A new year brings new talented and driven mechanical engineering students. What better way to start off this amazing time in their lives than to help them put the pedal to the metal with an assignment designed as a competition. The students work individually to program an algorithm for an automatic gearbox in a drag racing car. More specifically a Camaro. The aim is to reach a quarter mile in the shortest possible time.

In order to solve this assignment, students must use data from the car such as its velocity, acceleration and engine RPM to optimize the gear shifts while at the same time honing their MATLAB coding skills. This provides a valuable introduction to real world problems, something that is not only immensely gratifying but will also help the students excel in their education.

The top ten students to reach the finishing line in the shortest time are invited as VIP guests to Caster where their very own algorithms are implemented in the simulator, thus allowing them to try it out for real. They also get to drive both a gearbox algorithm developed by Caster as well as the same vehicle with a manual gearbox. The event is rounded off with fika in our cosy lounge.